Antelope 954 Cover & Band

$119.00 $59.50

A super light and very easy platform wedges sandal gives this shoe the winning edge. The sole is split, roughly scratched, then dipped in the same color as the suede and leather upper, which is brushed, oiled, then coarsely stitched with linen. All this work is done by hand, providing a personal touch to each pair.

  • Upper made of fine quality suede
  • Insole is latex cushioned and coated in smooth breathable leather
  • Height is 2.50″


US Size 5-5.5 = Antelope Size 36

US Size 6-6.5 = Antelope Size 37

US Size 7-7.5 = Antelope Size 38

US Size 8-8.5 = Antelope Size 39

US Size 9-9.5 = Antelope Size 40

US Size 10-10.5 = Antelope Size 41